A KeyDB Operator

for Kubernetes

KeyDB is a multithreading, drop-in alternative to Redis. The Keydb-operator can easily create either a standalone instance (1 replica) or a multimaster setup (3 replicas) of the KeyDB in-memory database. When KeyDB is in multimaster mode, it is possible to have more than one master, allowing for read/write operations across all of them. This capability enhances high availability and fault tolerance. This operator is part of the Kubernetes operators and tools developed by Krestomatio, a managed service for Moodle™ instances [Read More]

A Kubernetes NFS Operator

with extra functionality

NFS Operator creates NFSv4 ganesha servers in Kubernetes, allowing to set ownership/permissions of their NFS export directory; to autoexpand their PVC; and to enable RWX storage from them: It can set ownership and permissions for export parent directory of the (NFS) Ganesha server. It is able to expand/adjust the PVC size of the (NFS) Ganesha server automatically, as it grows. It could autogenerate an StorageClass that uses the (NFS) Ganesha server for RWX storage. [Read More]

A Minimal Container Image for Rocky Linux 8

similar to UBI8, Fedora minimal

Now that Rocky Linux is GA, here is a repo for a minimal container image for Rocky Linux. Its size is around ~37 MB (compressed). It is based on Fedora Minimal and UBI8 minimal from Red Hat. You can download it from Quay or build it, following the instructions in the repo. You could also generate a new rootfs yourself before building the image, again, following the short instructions in the repo. [Read More]